OneBeat Balkans 2019

In February of 2019, our OneBeat Balkans program brought together socially engaged musicians from Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, North Macedonia and the United States to collaboratively create music and multi-disciplinary works, lead public workshops, and use the arts to establish trust and encourage economic development in a divided region. Over the course of three weeks this remarkably diverse and creative crew performed and led workshops in Peja (Kosovo), Tirana (Albania), Pristina (Kosovo), Skopje (North Macedonia), Novi Sad (Serbia), and Zagreb (Croatia).

To learn more:

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Listen to the OneBeat Balkans 2019 Mixtape here on Soundcloud, and watch our OneBeat Balkans music videos here via the OneBeat Balkans playlist on our YouTube channel.

Below are a set of photos taken by our wonderful Montenegrin photographer Fisnic that capture some of the spirit of this remarkable exchange: