OneBeat Mixtape 2015

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With 16 recordings drawn from late-night hotel room sessions and makeshift mobile studios throughout Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, the OneBeat 2015 Mixtape (Found Sound Nation‘s fourth OneBeat compilation to date) captures an energy and immediacy that can only come from artists laying down tracks together for the first time. Rollicking Colombian cumbia, rigid Russian avant percussion and downtempo Lebanese electronica sound both expressly foreign and oddly at home together, performed by the rotating cast of international OneBeat musicians. “Time suddenly started passing by fast and everything was coming to an end. Albeit a beautiful one,” recalled Beirut-based producer ETYEN about his sessions for “If We Could Only See,” which for it’s part resonates like an aural parting glance. 

However, taken as a whole the 2015 Mixtape reads more like a signpost for new beginnings than an ode to endings. The euphoric trip hop of 6zm (Istanbul) and Ami Kim‘s (Los Angeles) “Dragons In Gardens“, completed over a distance of nearly 7000 miles, is just one of numerous forward-looking collaborations on the compilation. Transcontinental experimenters Tiga Trio, comprised of Ng Chor Guan (Kuala Lumpur), Daniel De Mendoza (Bogotá) and Jay Afrisando (Bantul), ask more questions than they dare to answer on the playful “Islandwood,” fittingly named after the art center where they performed their last in the flesh improvisations. Following their separation, the group with its lofi experimental aesthetic has adapted to playing together digitally, embracing all manner of glitches and lagging, via Skype. However, like many of the ensembles on the OneBeat Mixtape, their future seems anything but conclusive.

Bells Burp

Kate Shilonosova, Russia (Production, Percussion), Tsai Hui Ya, Taiwan (Liuqin), Christie Burns, USA (Hammer Dulcimer), Pat Swoboda, USA (Percussion), Fabian Sanchez, Colombia (Percussion), Daniel de Mendoza, Colombia (Bass), Vieux Cissokho, Senegal (Kora), Denis Peniugin, Russia (Balalaika), Ng Chor Guan, Malaysia (Percussion)


Samer Chami / ETYEN, Lebanon (Production, Mixing), Pat Swoboda, USA (Bass), Saideh Eftekhari, USA (Vocals), Eduardo Valencia, USA (Percussion), Christopher Marianetti, USA (Keyboard)

Gendhing Trans-Border

Jay Afrisando, Indonesia (Composer, Keyboard), Christie Burns, USA (Hammer Dulcimer),  Ng Chor Guan, Malaysia (Percussion), Elena Moon Park, USA (Violin), Denis Peniugin, Russia (Balalaika), Daniel de Mendoza, Colombia (Double Bass)

Wait for Me

Samer Chami / ETYEN, Lebanon (Production, Mixing), Ami Kim, USA (Vocals), Gizem Oruç, Turkey (Electronics), Katherine Suavita Niño / La Real Esa,  Colombia (Accordion), Fabian Sanchez, Colombia (Percussion)

El Cumbanchero

Fabian Sanchez, Colombia (Percussion, Vocals), Arun Sivag, India (Darbuka), Katherine Suavita Niño / La Real Esa, Colombia (Vocals, Accordion), Daniel de Mendoza, Colombia (Double Bass), Jeremy Thal, USA (French Horn), Jay Afrisando, Indonesia (Saxophone)


Denis Peniugin, Russia (Balalaika), Daniel De Mendoza, Colombia (Double Bass), Saideh Eftekhari, USA (Violin & vocals), Eleonora Gotopo Reyes, Venezuela (Vocals), Samer Chami / ETYEN, Lebanon (Vocals, Production)

Dragons In Gardens

6zm / Gizem Oruç, Turkey (Production), Ami Kim, USA (Production, Vocals)

Ay Yar

Saideh Eftekhari, USA (Vocals, Setar) Elena Moon Park, USA (Violin), Arun Sivag, India (Darbuka), Tsai Hui Ya, Taiwan (Liuqin), Denis Peniugin, Russia (Balalaika)

If We Could Only See

Samer Chami / ETYEN, Lebanon (Production, Mixing), Saideh Eftekhari, USA (Vocals)


Vieux Cissokho, Senegal (Kora), Pat Swoboda, USA (Bass), Anna Gelyuk, Russia (Drums)

As a ‘Roma’ Means Human

Bajram Kafu, Kosovo (Vocals), Gizem Oruç / 6zm, Turkey (Guitar), Eleonora Gotopo Reyes, Venezuela (Cuatro), Denis Peniugin, Russia (Balalaika), Jeremy Thal, USA (French Horn), Pat Swoboda, USA (Bass)

Nour (Light)

Abdallah Abozekry, Egypt (Saz), Anna Gelyuk, Russia (Drums), Pat Swoboda, USA (Bass), Jay Afrisando, Indonesia (Saxophone)

Yellow House

Dragana Tomić, Serbia (Vocals, Kaval), Ng Chor Guan, Malaysia (Sampling & Effects), Jay Afrisando, Indonesia (Saluang), IBK Spaceshipboi, Nigeria (Vocals), Abdallah Abozekry, Egypt (Saz)

El Mochelo

Fabian Sanchez, Colombia (Percussion, Vocals), Arun Sivag, India (Darbuka), Katherine Suavita Niño / La Real Esa, Colombia (Vocals, Accordion), Daniel de Mendoza, Colombia (Double Bass), Jeremy Thal, USA (French Horn), Jay Afrisando, Indonesia (Saxophone), Christopher Marianetti, USA (Keyboard)

Breakfast for the Jetlagged

IBK Spaceshipboi, Nigeria (Production, Vocals), All 25 OneBeat 2015 Fellows (Various)


Ng Chor Guan, Malaysia (Electronics), Daniel de Mendoza, Colombia (Double Bass), Jay Afrisando, Indonesia (Winds)