Announcing the OneBeat Virtual 3 Fellows

We are excited to announce our cohort for OneBeat Virtual Session 3! The third edition of OneBeat Virtual will bring together 35 artists from 17 countries & territories.

If behind the screens is our here and now, as we collectively wade into a speculative future, how do we play along, adapt and stay curious about the intersection of our real and virtual worlds? As we emerge from the cocoons of our pandemic lives and reconnect we are met with subjects of deep inquiry. Is the Metaverse the next generation of our shared reality? Can a digital space ever be a neutral location? What are the values to consider in the context of AI assisted digital art making?

This year, the third edition of the Onebeat Virtual Residency is embracing a stream of questions based on online participation, trust, virtual communication, and shared values to help blur the boundaries of what an online community of artists means today. The gap of glitches, the unheard muted echoes, and the feedback loops locked up in lines of 1’s and 0’s will inspire us to reimagine virtual soundscapes, social interaction and the mystical language of machines. Over the course of an 8-week online residency, the wonders and challenges of the digital realm will be collectively investigated through workshops, collective imagination, creative collaboration and languaging the unlanguageable through music making.

Learn more about the cohort on our OneBeat Virtual 3 program page.