1Beat Inhambane

This summer OneBeat 2012 Fellow Helio Vanimal led the first installment of 1Beat Inhambane, an artist collective that brought together 10 young, talented musicians from around the Inhambane province of Mozambique to create original, collaborative music. Led by Helio and a team of six experienced musicians, composers and producers, 1Beat Inhambane is inspired by Helio’s fruitful experience collaborating with musicians from around the world in OneBeat 2012. The selected musicians of 1Beat Inhambane each brought their unique style and experience to the collective, resulting in a set of 15 original tunes, all relating to cultural life in the Inhambane province, that combine a pop sensibility with traditional Mozambican elements and a touch of electronics. In creating 1Beat Inhambane, Helio and his team aim to promote the talents of these musicians through performances, workshops, and an audio mixtape, one that they hope will help sustain the project by creating a potential source of funds for future endeavors. The first 1Beat Inhambane program, which was supported by the US Embassy in Maputo, coincided with the National Cultural Festival in August. The collective made their debut performance for thousands of people at the festival, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture to celebrate heritage and diversity in Mozambique. See more on YouTube and Facebook!