Wei Wei

Laptop Composer

Beijing, China

As one of the leading female experimental musicians in mainland China, Wei Wei’s intrepid sound balances atmospheric field recordings with improvisational synthesis and processed signals. What others might consider environmental noise–electronic clicks, insect buzzing– Wei Wei uses as her unique sonic palette. Wei Wei is one of the most adventurous and prolific artists in Beijing’s burgeoning electronic music scene. Along with her solo project, Vavabond, Wei Wei maintains an ongoing collaboration with guitarist Li Jianhong and is a member of psychedelic noise group VagusNerve. Her varied interests include time-based practice, machine drones, and improvisational structures. Wei Wei has performed at numerous experimental music venues, new media festivals, art exhibitions, and fashion shows. Some of these notable events include NOIShangai, the Mini Midid Music Festival, Get It Louder Exhibition, and the 2PI Festival. She is also an organizing member of experimental music label China Free Improvisation (CFI).