Samita Sinha

Composer, Vocalist

Brooklyn, United States

Samita Sinha is a composer, performance artist and singer who combines tradition with experiment to create new forms, drawing from a deep grounding in North Indian classical music, a contemporary vocabulary, folk and ritual music, and songs and texts in several languages. She has performed her solo work (Cipher) and ensemble work (Enkidu, Kaash, Marc Cary’s Focus Trio, Anatomy, Sunny Jain Collective) internationally, and has collaborated with poets (Sekou Sundiata, Fiona Templeton), musicians (Marc Cary, Sunny Jain), choreographers (Daria Fain, Liz Lerman, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar), and communities (through MAPP, and the Coleman Center) to create works that cross boundaries of genre and discipline, and expand ideas about modes of collaboration. Sinha has received awards and residencies from the Fulbright Foundation, NYSCA, Urban Artists Initiative, Queens Council on the Arts, Watermill Center, and Millay Colony. She received her MFA in Music/ Sound from Bard and studied post-colonial Literature at Yale.