Peter D. Abayomi

Peter D. Abayomi, a.k.a Peter Bàtá, is a percussionist, multidisciplinary sound artist and composer across multiple media including African folk music, sound art, contemporary music, dance, and experimental musical theatre. He is particularly interested in the ways artistic traditions are evolving through the integration of electronic and digital tools. He has worked and collaborated in different artistic spaces both locally and internationally, and has mastered not only many African drumming traditions, but also other forms of percussion such as Korean Janggu and Brazilian Samba music. At the age of 20, Peter founded an initiative, “The Power of Drum”, that seeks to empower, educate, and promote craft and creativity amongst young people in rural communities around Lagos through percussion education. Recently, Peter has created works that reconnects humans and nature in a way that incorporates sounds from different communities that addresses social abnormalities.