Carlos Bejarano


Bogotá, Colombia

Carlos Bejarano (aka ‘Kique’ Milmarias) is a talented producer, bass player, and composer based in Bogotá. Carlos’ first musical expression as a teenager was hip-hop, but later he was drawn to vintage Colombian tropical music from the 1970s. With his main projects Milmarias and La Pulpa, he has toured in festivals and venues around Latin America, Europe and Asia, and he has also collaborated with numerous artists as an interpreter, co-producer and composer. As a soloist, he has crafted numerous arrangements and compositions, including Electro Wayuu, which mixes indigenous music from Colombia’s La Guajira region with electronic instrumentation including synths, a Walkman and an iPhone. Carlos has also recorded music for short films, as well as an experimental soundtrack for a site specific installation addressing the Colombian War.