Bianca Casady

Multimedia Artist

Bianca is a multimedia artist, performer and theater maker working simultaneously with poetry, music, video, photography, drawings and collage. Together with her sister Sierra she formed the musical-duo CocoRosie in 2003 where she writes, sings, composes and plays a range of non-traditional musical instruments. Apart from creating records and touring the world playing concerts, CocoRosie has collaborated with theater director Robert Wilson on four productions. Parallel to her music career, Bianca has had several solo art exhibitions including Lil Girl Slim “Cosmic Willingness” Pipe Dreamz a Revelation Deitch Projects, New York, 2007 and Daisy Chain at Cheim & Read Gallery, New York, 2012. For the past ten years she has been exploring visual-based narrative-dance-theater. She has directed three plays including NightShift (2012) at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany, Mother Hunting (2015) and The Angel Show (2017) at the National Theatre Academy in Norway. Continuously working with an international ensemble of actors and dancers, her theatrical work often starts as
photographic portraits, beginning with stillness and a study of figure and light. The scenes she creates are poetic, intimate and often obscene. For the last two years she has been leading an experimental poetry course called Remembering The Miracle and is currently working on a book of poems to be published in France next year.