Ali Shaheed Muhammad

/ OneBeat 2012
Master Artist

DJ, Producer

Brooklyn, United States

Ali Shaheed Muhammad is a DJ and producer best known for his role in legendary hip hop crew A Tribe Called Quest. An architect of the innovative group’s production style,  Muhammad’s signature mix of jazz, funk, and 70s rock helped to define their five groundbreaking albums. Teaming up with Quest’s Q-Tip and the celebrated Detroit beatmaker, J-Dilla, Muhammad formed the music production collective The Ummah. He has remixed hits for stars like Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and KRS-One, and collaborated with D’Angelo on Brown Sugar (1995), a landmark of the neo soul genre. He has recorded as one-third of Lucy Pearl, a Grammy-nominated supergroup featuring Rafael Saadiq and En Vogue’s Dawn Robertson. Muhammad’s debut solo LP,Shaheedulah and Stereotypes, was released in 2004 by Penalty Records. Ali Shaheed Mohammad joined OneBeat 2012 at the Bring to Light Festival in NYC.