Alexander Arkhincheev

Morin Huur, Vocalist

Irkutsk, Russia

Alexander Arkhincheev is an Irkutsk-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and educator. Growing up in rural Siberia, Alexander studied music at Ulan-Ude where he was discovered by the prestigious Buryat State National Theatre of Song and Dance. A renowned diphonic throat singer, Alexander has been a tireless advocate of Buryat culture, touring internationally and earning numerous awards in Russia, Mongolia and South Korea. He is also a master and teacher of many folk instruments including morin huur (fiddle), ikh huur (bass) and tobshuur (lute). Currently, Alexander is the bandleader and arranger of SHONO, an acclaimed ensemble which reworks ancient uligers (epic myths) through the lens of traditional Buryat and Mongolian music and contemporary rock instrumentation.