Abdellah M. Hassak

Abdellah M. Hassak (AKA Dubosmium), a producer from Casablanca, Morocco, creates off-kilter beats and “electroworld atmosphere” by sampling and warping local and international sounds. After releasing two albums under the name Dubosmium – Horizontal Plane Polar Dub in 2006 and Green Element in 2008 – Abdellah won the 2010 Generation Magazine contest for best electronic music. He has collaborated with over 30 artists from around the world, including Spanish-Moroccan electro group The Digital Turbans and experimental sound poets Sou Amane. In 2014, Abdellah released his debut solo album Carnival in Casbah, a collection of soundscapes blending the noise of Marrakech with techniques drawn from theatre, improvisation and poetry, through Krakow’s Audiotong Records. Through field recording and experimental sound collage, Abdellah aims to raise awareness about cultural issues facing Morocco.