Aakanksha Sidhu

Artist Manager, Designer, Writer

Canberra, Australia

Aakanksha Sidhu is an artist manager, writer, and designer. Creatively and entrepreneurially spirited, Aakanksha has a varied background and extensive experience across cultural and creative industry projects within music, theatre, fashion, cultural policy and audience development. Aakanksha currently works as Manager of Operations and Logistics at Australia’s leading arts and culture think tank A New Approach (ANA) while developing an arts service – Daalee, a holistic and flexible multi-functional solution-based practice for creative and artistic decision-making. Living, studying, and traveling multiple regions across India, South East Asia, West Asia, Europe, and now a foothold in Australia, Aakanksha holds a unique cultural perspective which has cultivated her interest in independent artistry, artist advocacy, arts entrepreneurship, design thinking and holistic diversity. Aakanksha has an invested interest in ideas of the personal and professional decolonization of the arts and cultural industries and is informed by exploring the different nuanced structures of power within orientalism, imperialism, and neo-colonialism and their relationship to artmaking today.