Umlilo takes listener through OneBeat’s musical vault

In this sixth episode of Season 2 we take a deep dive into the musical vaults of OneBeat, spanning over 10 years, and guided by the voice and reflections of Johannesburg-based intergalactic kwaai-diva Umlilo. We visit music created over the last 11-years of OneBeat, spanning programs in the United States, the Balkans, Istanbul, Turkey and Beirut, Lebanon. We hear from some of the artists involved in making this incredible collaborative work about the processes that brought them together, and we explore music as a living archive.

Listen here:

Produced and Edited by umlilio, Connie Fu, Kyla-Rose Smith and Luisa Puterman
Executive Producers: Elena Moon Park, Jeremy Thal, Kyla-Rose Smith
Mixed by Jeremy Thal
Featuring: Umlilo, Elenna Canlas, Billy Dean Thomas, Paulo Sartori, Tatiana Lopez, Barbara Majnarić, Juliano Abramovay, Marta Kolega, Lyn Rye, Muhammed Dawjee