Magitare Creative Arts Hub – Tariro NeGitare

Photo of OneBeat Fellow Tariro neGitare

OneBeat alumna Tariro NeGitare received a OneBeat Accelerator grant to support the continuation and expansion of Magitare Creative Arts Hub, a creative space in Zimbabwe for 7-18 year-olds aimed at enhancing creativity of an individual through education in music, crafts, storytelling theater, visual art, financial literacy, etc, in addition to live performances and events.

The Magitare Creative Arts Hub operates with an understanding that creative impulse is fundamental to the experience of every human being, and that engaging with the arts and creative activity plays a significant role in improving physical and mental health and well-being.

The hub hosts a night featuring acoustic performances every month, called Magitare Live. These performances feature musicians, poets and comedians. The event is broadcast live on Instagram and aims at nurturing creative talent as well as creating a community of musicians that foster global understanding through the arts and can harness their influence for community development. The success of the event is based on a realization that for an artist to succeed, they need to be a part of an ecosystem that will allow the artist to thrive. Not only is it a performance platform, but artists exchange ideas and skills, share experiences and create opportunities for each other through networking.