OneBeat Mixtape 2013

“The OneBeat 2013 Mixtape is a sonic concoction of musical talents of completely different cultural and ethnic backgrounds from around the world; it’s what happened when we were thrown into a free-spirited month-long adventure exploring our music, cultures and ideas. Though the material is richly layered with aesthetics from various cultures, it manages to let all these styles get lost within themselves (in a good way), making them seem like one. It’s packed with traditional folk songs, new-age electronics, unorthodox sounds from a mobile street-studio and original work recorded at some of the best studios in New York city. This music stands as a testimony that OneBeat is a collaboration with an extraordinary energy that transcends cultural barriers, man-made boundaries, and language.

This is not a compilation album of pre-conceived musical ideas but a collage of ideas and emotions that we experienced during out time together and communicated as sounds. The diversity of these musicians coupled with the spirit of togetherness we managed to create at OneBeat make for this compelling textures of sound. I hope this will be a sonic adventure for you, just as it was for us when we created it.”

Darbuka Siva (OneBeat 2013 Fellow), Chennai, India

*We are grateful for support from the Peluso Microphone Lab, who gave us access to their incredible vintage mics for the duration of the OneBeat program, Glyph, who donated a number of their industry-leading hard drives, and Ableton who gave us access to their game-changing software.


“OneBeat has definitely opened my mind and ears to other types of music, instruments, tempos, beat counts, and everything. On a more professional level, I’ve learned how to create music with others, which I had never done before. All of the give and take, dialogue, and compromise was very new to me.”

  • YC the Cynic, Rapper  |  Bronx, New York

Featuring: YC the Cynic, Ahmed Rock, Malabika Brahma, Yang Fan, Jiha Park, Devin Greenwood


“This song is based on a traditional Cambodian melody. Apsara is the name of a female spirit carved in the stone walls of many ancient Khmer temples in Cambodia. Due to war and political crisis, many temples have been abandoned and destroyed by people and natural causes. Some Apsaras have lost theirs heads or hands, and some of them lost their legs or faces, but they are still smiling.”

  • Young Yorn, Vocalist  |  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Featuring: Young Yorn, Ruth Danon, Yang Fan, Elena Moon Park, Jeremy Thal


“My musical instincts always drive me to express what I hear in my mind. But when you are in the same room as some of the best musicians from all over the globe, you don’t have time to think — you just start doing.”

  • Mitya Burmistov, Beatboxer & Producer  |  Kazan, Russia

Featuring: Mitya Burmistov, Blinky Bill, Malabika Brahma

Habayit Sheli

“The OneBeat residency brought out a lot of thoughts about what is home, what is needed to make a house into a home and what we need to thrive in the place where we live and come from. I suppose this song is a sort of contemplation about that; some wishful thinking about what an ideal home should be like.”

  • Ruth Danon, Vocalist/Keyboard  |  Tel Aviv, Israel

Featuring: Ruth Danon, Yang Fan, Elena Moon Park, Jeremy Thal

Counting Song

“This is a rendition of ‘Oru kodam, ‘a Tamil folk song from Tamil Nadu, South India. Simply put, it’s the Tamil equivalent of ‘Ring around the Rosie’. I’ve done lots of collaborations and cross cultural experiments, but what we did on ‘Counting Song’ sounds like a band coming together. It’s not a mashup of one culture atop of another culture. It’s a culmination of different cultures and different sounds. We were able to bring out our identity as artists while still finding common ground.”

  • Darbuka Siva, Percussionist, Producer  |  Chennai, India

Featuring: Darbuka Siva, Aurora Nealand, Omar Amado, Manuel Rangel, Biodun Kuti, Jeremy Thal

Bad Form

“There’s always a compromise you make when someone else wants to take control. To be able to do your thing in that spontaneous way in which you make it, and have someone else do their thing next to you, and there’s still this kind of harmony, that’s really rare.”

  • Elyse Tabet, Audio-Visual Artist  |  Beirut, Lebanon

Featuring: Elyse Tabet, Nandi Plunkett, Ziad Moukarzel


“This mix comes from a series of Street Studios we did in Charleston, N.C. and Brooklyn, N.Y. during OneBeat. I like to think of this as a sort of sonic collective unconscious of these places. Childhood songs, pop tune melodies, and dreams all bubble up and then get mixed together with improvised music. The Street Studios brought OneBeat musicians and folks along the tour together in an unexpected way.”

  • Christopher Marianetti, Composer, Pianist  |  Queens, US

Featuring: Christopher Marianetti, Dima El Sayeed, Malabika Brahma, Ricky Nigaglioni, Cameron Steele, Miles Bridges, Nathan Koci, Sarah Alden


“She was no scholar in geometry or aught else, but she felt intuitively that the bend and slant of the way she went were somehow outside any other angles or bends she had ever known.”

  • C. L. Moore

Featuring: Room 320

Tap Dance

“I was a Fellow in 2012. It was exciting to remix artists from this past year — I sampled talented musicians from United States, Cambodia, China, Senegal and Israel. I think the result is an eclectic adventure of very young sounds and mature silence.”

  • Anton Maskeliade, Electronic Musician  |  Moscow, Russia

Featuring: Anton Maskeliade, Young Yorn, Toussa, Ruth Danon, Jeremy Thal, Elena Moon Park, Campers from Girls Rock Charleston


“This ‘9 beat’ song combines Eastern European folk rhythms with a harmonic minor scale. The lyrics in old Czech language tell the story of a young soldier that was sent to war just before becoming a farmer (or peasant). It is sung as a “reproach” to his mother who had consented to sending him to war. I think music attempts to resonate with these lyrics.”

  • Lucie Páchová, Multi-media Composer & Vocalist  |  Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Featuring: Lucie Páchová, Omar Amado, Greg Chudzik, Mpumi Mcata, Christopher Marianetti


“Dugu is similar to the word ‘True’ or ‘Right On’ in Wolof. As a song, it’s a bit like a bunch of lost people all singing about a crumbled Tower of Babel, without any notion that they are singing about the same thing.”

  • Jeremy Thal, Horn Player / Producer  |  Brooklyn, NY

Featuring: Jeremy Thal, Toussa, Young Yorn, Ruth Danon, Yang Fan



  • Produced by Devin Greenwood
  • Recorded at the Honey Jar, Brooklyn, New York
  • YC the Cynic – Vocals
  • Ahmed Rock – Vocals
  • Malabika Brahma – Vocals
  • Yang Fan – Guitar
  • Jiha Park – Piri


  • Recorded by Leo Sidran at Let ‘Em In Studio, Brooklyn
  • Young Yorn – Vocals
  • Yang Fan – Guitar
  • Ruth Danon – Flute
  • Elena Moon Park – Violin
  • Jeremy Thal – French Horn


  • Produced by Mitya Burmistov
  • Recorded at Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach
  • Blinky Bill – Vocals
  • Malabika Brahma – Vocals

Habayit Sheli

  • Recorded by Leo Sidran at Let ‘Em in Studio, Brooklyn
  • Additional recording by Yang Fan in Beijing, China
  • Ruth Danon – Vocals, Keyboard
  • Yang Fan – Guitar
  • Elena Moon Park – Violin
  • Jeremy Thal – French Horn

Counting Song

  • Recorded by Arun Pandian at Superfund Studio, Brooklyn
  • ‘Darbuka’ Siva – Vocals, Bass
  • Aurora Nealand – Sax, Backing vocals
  • Jeremy Thal – Trumpet, Backing vocals
  • Biodun Kuti – Electric guitar
  • Blinky Bill – Electric Guitar, Backing vocals
  • Manuel Rangel – Maracas
  • Omar Amado – Drums

Bad Form

  • Recorded and produced by Elyse Tabet on her laptop, Beirut
  • Mixed by Ziad Moukarzel in Qatar
  • Nandi Plunkett – Vocals


  • Produced by Chris Marianetti at Street Studios in Charleston, N.C & NYC
  • Features samples of Sarah Alden, Darbuka Siva, Mitya Burmistov and passersby


  • Produced by Yang Fan at FSN Studio, Brooklyn
  • Music by Room 320

Tap Dance

  • Produced by Anton Maskeliade on his laptop in Moscow
  • Features samples of Young Yorn, Toussa, Ruth Danon, Jeremy Thal, Elena Moon Park and campers from Girls Rock Charleston


  • Recorded by Leo Sidran at Let ‘Em In Studio, Brooklyn
  • Lucie Páchová – Vocals, Looping
  • Omar Amado – Drums
  • Greg Chudzik – Bass
  • Mpumi Mcata – Guitar
  • Christopher Marianetti – Piano


  • Produced by Jeremy Thal
  • Recorded at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach
  • Toussa – Vocals
  • Young Yorn – Vocals, Yike Drum, Trou Sou
  • Ruth Danon – Vocals
  • Yang Fan – Guitar

All songs mastered by Devin Greenwood and Ezra Tenenbaum